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Débora Daumas
Who we are...

Binha Tech was born from the desire of its founder to be able to convey her vision and perspective of the world, it is a brand that aims to promote its projects and products. Its focus is on the area of STEM, an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, its perspective is to bring scientific communication and education in these areas, mobilizing different social classes and mainly encouraging girls and women in an area that is still scarce for the female gender.

However, the main purpose that guides our brand is a naturalistic philosophy when applied to the objects of the world and metaphysics when applied to the human being. It is to bring science and education, but together with human reception, changes in social perspectives, critical thinking, ecological respect and a sense of community.


We aim to break the paradigms that align knowledge, communication and innovation. The quest is to make the present moment the expected future.


We seek to become a global brand that will bring a high standard of new ideas and human knowledge through communication.


The idea is to transform social roles on the way to achieving human progress. We do this through the search for equity in all its aspects, through dialectic in knowledge, curiosity for the new and reinvention of existing patterns.

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